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Drafting and Design

Taking ideas and bringing them to life is at the heart of careers in the field of drafting and design. Every piece of equipment, building or widget started off as a concept that had to be taken through an exacting process in order to become a reality.

ITT Technical Institute's School of Drafting and Design provides the knowledge and skills that can help graduates enter this field. If you love to focus, get lost in the most minute detail, and are interested in how things get built, you may have a knack for drafting and design. Skills taught include creating drawings, plans and computer models. Having an aptitude for math is also important.

In addition to careers in drafting and design, we offer a bachelor degree in construction management, where an understanding of many of the same principles, including reading blueprints, is taught. The ability to work with a team is also a useful skill for careers in these fields.

Students will work with a computer-aided design (CAD) program and other hands-on applications in a laboratory environment, in addition to traditional and online classroom experiences. Possible careers include:

Possible Careers In The Fields Of Drafting And Design Include:

  • Structural Detailer
  • Civil Drafter
  • Building Information Modeler
  • Draftsman
  • Computer-Aided Design Technician
  • Quality Technician
  • Manufacturing Technician
  • Computer Graphics Technician
  • Multimedia Technician
  • Web Designer
  • Construction Business Manager
  • Field Engineer
  • Construction Supervisor
  • Prepress Technician
  • 3-D Animator
  • Graphic Designer

Ready to hit the drawing board? Your new career may be just ahead.

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