About Us

For nearly half a century, ITT Tech has embraced the concept of endless possibilities. We foster an atmosphere of pursuing the possible by providing our students with knowledge and skills.

While there is a depth and breadth within our programs, rather than serving up a smorgasbord of degrees, we concentrate on developing the best content possible for our six technology-oriented schools of study1 — Information Technology, Electronics Technology, Drafting and Design, Business, Criminal Justice, and the Breckinridge School of Nursing and Health Sciences. By focusing our curriculum on these areas, we strive to offer students interested in those career fields a strong educational experience.

Why Choose ITT Technical Institute?

ITT Technical Institutes are located in 38 states. Over 40,000 students attend classes at more than 130 campuses. Our predominantly career-focused degree programs feature significant hands-on, real-world lab experience in addition to traditional classroom time. To offer our students the most current programs and demonstrate actual business practices, we have relationships with local businesses and organizations who review our curriculum and practices.

Many of our courses are offered online, making higher education even more accessible to our students.

Whether you are interested in an associate, bachelor's or master's degree2, we invite you to learn more about ITT Tech and what it can offer you. Come discover what's possible.

Mission Statement

ITT Technical Institute is an institution of higher learning that is committed to offering quality undergraduate, graduate and continuing education locally, nationally and worldwide to students of diverse backgrounds, interests and abilities.

The institution offers career-related educational programs that integrate lifelong learning with knowledge and skills to help students:

  • pursue their personal interests and objectives;
  • develop intellectual, analytical and critical thinking abilities; and
  • provide service to their communities.

The programs employ traditional, applied and adult-learning pedagogies and are delivered through traditional, accelerated and distance methodologies in a learner-centered environment of mutual respect.

1 Not all ITT Technical Institutes have all six schools of study. Please refer to the school catalog of the specific ITT Technical Institute for the schools of study at that particular institute.

2 Not all ITT Technical Institutes offer Bachelor degree programs, and not all ITT Technical Institutes that offer Bachelor degree programs offer all of the Bachelor degree programs. Not all ITT Technical Institutes offer all of the Associate degree programs. Please refer to the particular ITT Technical Institute's school catalog for a complete listing of the programs of study offered at that institute.