Pursuit of an Information Technology Education

Individuals interested in pursuing an Information Technology Education likely realize that computer and technology can play an integral part in many workplaces and in everyday life. In this technology-driven society, many different information technology careers have emerged over the past few decades. Having a technology-focused education may help individuals prepare for careers in the information technology field.

With information technology (IT) professionals in many types of organizations, there are opportunities to pursue an information technology education in an area of interest that can have practical application in the workplace. Computer network systems, cybersecurity, information systems, mobile communications, software development and network administration are a few of the areas in which people seeking an information technology education tend to focus.

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The ITT Technical Institutes offer an Information Technology Education in a variety of degree programs through the School of Information Technology. The purpose of these associate and bachelor degree programs is to help students develop skills and knowledge that they can use to pursue entry-level careers in positions involving information technology.

The schools of study offered at the ITT Technical Institutes teach skills and knowledge that may be used to begin careers in our global technology-driven culture.

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Tiffany Edwards
Business Administration
Bachelor of Science

Graduated 2009
Fort Wayne, IN

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"It was a big accomplishment that I had set to achieve, being the first one to graduate in the family. It's pretty big."
- Wilfredo Siliezar, 2006
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