Degrees from Technology Colleges

Potential students interested in pursuing degrees from technology colleges may have an interest in technical subjects, applying technology as it relates to their current job or career goals, or pursuing a different career path.

Technology colleges can provide students with the opportunity to develop skills and knowledge to pursue technology-focused careers in a variety of fields and industries. With the integration of computers and technology in the workplace, earning a degree in a technical area can have a practical value.

In addition to the technical aspects of a degree, an education that includes a number of skills used in the business world can also be important. Technology colleges should also help students develop critical thinking, problem solving, communication and teamwork skills.

Classroom education is the traditional environment for students, but the convenience of online programs has become more popular. Pursuing a quality education when and where it is convenient for the student is the benefit of online degree programs.

The ITT Technical Institutes and educational institutions that offer technology-focused degree programs that can help students prepare for careers in some of today's promising fields. The schools of study offered at the ITT Technical Institutes teach skills and knowledge that may be used to begin careers in our global-driven culture.

"With convenient class schedules and year-round classes, the ITT Technical Institutes offer degree programs in some of today's promising career fields."

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Meet a Graduate

Tiffany Edwards
Business Administration
Bachelor of Science

Graduated 2009
Fort Wayne, IN

Meet Tiffany

"My education at ITT TECH prepared me for my career field. I get to go in and do a job that I love doing."
- Wesley Berry, 2011
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