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"My experience at ITT TECH, it was great. It's not just bookwork; it's hands on, which is exactly the way I learn."
- Paul Groves, 2010

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Construction management is the study of the management and technological aspects of residential and commercial construction projects. Construction managers apply management techniques to the planning, design and construction of a project in order to control the time and cost to complete the project and the quality of the construction. The construction industry can use people who possess skills and knowledge in the management, technological, economic and environmental aspects of construction projects.

The Bachelor Degree program in Construction Management offered by the ITT Technical Institutes is designed to provide a foundation in construction management, construction techniques and legal issues relating to the construction management field.

The program can help graduates develop knowledge and skill that they can use to pursue career opportunities in a variety of entry-level positions involving construction estimating, construction safety, construction project management or building code compliance.

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The Construction Management program in the School of Drafting and Design at ITT Technical Institute teaches skills and knowledge that can be used to plan and manage construction projects. Areas of study include building codes, site construction and measurement, construction documents, construction project management and construction safety management. Instruction on mechanical systems and materials is also included in the program.

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Paul Groves
Computer Drafting and Design
Associate of Applied Science

Graduated 2010
Lexington, KY

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