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"The investment I made in my education was definitely worth it. I'm in a very successful position within my career, and I wouldn't be there without my education."
- Tiffany Edwards, 2009

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The associate degree program in Accounting offered in the School of Business by ITT Technical Institute, exposes students to fundamental knowledge and skills utilized in entry-level accounting. Students are exposed to a variety of skills used to provide technical administrative support to professional accountants and other financial management personnel. Students are introduced to a variety of accounting topics, including posting transactions to accounts, record-keeping systems, accounting software operation and general accounting principles and practices.

The ITT Technical Institutes applied many years of experience in technology and education to help develop a program of study that combines accounting and technology in a way that's relevant to many prospective employers. This associate degree program blends accounting concepts and skills with elements of technology. This blend offers students a practitioner-oriented program of study that can help them prepare for entry-level positions in a variety of business atmospheres.

The associate degree program in Accounting offered in residence and online in the School of Business at ITT Technical Institute may help you prepare for an accounting career and pursue a variety of entry-level accounting and bookkeeping positions.

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Tiffany Edwards
Business Administration
Bachelor of Science

Graduated 2009
Fort Wayne, IN

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