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"The investment I made in my education was definitely worth it. I'm in a very successful position within my career, and I wouldn't be there without my education."
- Tiffany Edwards, 2009

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Today's business professionals work alongside a work force that is increasingly multicultural. Other current trends that are affecting the business environment include creative entrepreneurship, corporate social responsibility, the rise of social media and mobile empowerment. Large and small organizations alike need business professionals who can adjust to change.

What It Means to You:

The Business Management program in the School of Business at ITT Technical Institute is designed to help students develop knowledge and skills that are used by economic enterprises competing in today's global economy. The program offers a foundation in business subjects, with core courses in marketing, finance and management, among others. The program balances these traditional business courses with technology that can help businesses meet their goals and objectives.

The program exposes students to fundamental skills utilized in a variety of entry-level business positions and offers a foundation to help students develop business knowledge and skills. The program introduces the fundamentals of marketing, accounting, communications, supervision and management. Students are exposed to teamwork concepts, technology and multiple approaches to problem solving. Graduates of this program may pursue careers in a variety of entry-level business positions.

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Meet a Graduate

Tiffany Edwards
Business Administration
Bachelor of Science

Graduated 2009
Fort Wayne, IN

Meet Tiffany

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