Business Administration Careers may start at ITT Tech

Prospective students who are interested in pursuing an entry-level business administration careers may enjoy studying the fundamentals of marketing, finance, communication and strategic management with, an emphasis on the impact of the dynamic, global information age on business.

Business administration refers to the tasks involved in organizing and managing a business. Business administration may involve problem solving, analysis and decision making, as well as implementing decisions to meet desired outcomes.

Some ITT Technical Institutes, leading providers of technology education in the United States, offer a bachelor and/or associate degree program in Business Administration in the School of Business.

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Nick Collins
Information Technology - Computer Network Systems
Associate of Applied Science

Graduated 2007
Omaha, NE

Meet Nick

"I wouldn't have seen myself in this position without the opportunities I gained at ITT TECH."
- Jared Mixon, 2011
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