Career as a Network Engineer

The surge in data communications means that skilled people can be used to help plan, manage and configure a growing data infrastructure. Information technology has been an important source of American employment and job growth. Network engineer, system administrator and communication technician are a few of the positions that have become important as data communications have continued to evolve.

The term "data" is sometimes used when referring to computer text information. The definition of data includes anything that can be expressed in the bits and bytes of the digital world. This can range from text to graphics; from voice to video; and from simple emails to sophisticated web content.

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The Data Communication Systems Technology degree program from the School of Information Technology at ITT Technical Institutes emphasizes technical skills that can be used to help design, deploy and manage data communication systems and infrastructures. Graduates of this program may pursue career opportunities in a variety of entry-level positions with various titles, such as communications technician, network technician, system administrator, network administrator, system engineer, network engineer, system analyst, network analyst, system specialist and network specialist.

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Meet a Graduate

Brock Oelze
Computer and Electronics Engineering Technology
Associate of Applied Science

Graduated 2009
Lexington, KY

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"My education at ITT TECH prepared me for my career field. I get to go in and do a job that I love doing."
- Wesley Berry, 2011
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