Maintaining Your Visa Status

1. Report to the DSO at the ITT Technical Institute

2. Registering For Class
A foreign student must register as a full-time student in his or her program of study (at least 12 credit hours) for the following academic quarter before the registration deadline.

3. Obtaining Authorizations
A foreign student must obtain written authorization in advance from the DSO before doing any of the following:

  • Deferring the student's program start date.
  • Dropping below 12 credit hours in any academic quarter.
  • Resuming 12 credit hours or more in any academic quarter.
  • Extending the student's enrollment.
  • Terminating the student's enrollment.
  • Changing the student's program.
  • Transferring to a different school.

4. Keeping Information Current
A foreign student must inform the DSO or Registrar within 10 days of the occurrance of any of the following events:

  • A change in the student's name or citizenship.
  • A change in the student's U.S. address.
  • A change in the student's foreign address.
  • A change in the student's financial information.
  • Adding a dependent.
  • A change in a dependent's information.
  • Terminating an individual's dependent status.
  • Reactivating a dependent.

5. Additional Obligations

  • A foreign student must keep a valid passport with him or her at all times.
  • A foreign student must notify the DSO immediately if his or her Form I-20 or passport is lost or stolen.
  • A foreign student must file a federal income tax form for every year that he or she is present in the U.S.
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