Schools of Information Technology May Help Students Prepare For An Entry-level Career

Prospective students who may enjoy problem solving, troubleshooting and are good communicators may enjoy pursuing an entry-level career in information technology. Information technology, or IT, is basically the use of computers and software to manage information. In our technology-driven society, many different information technology careers have emerged over the past few decades. Pursuing a technology-focused education provided through schools of information technology may help students prepare for an entry-level career in information technology.

Information technology spans a broad spectrum of fields. Students looking for an entry-level career in IT may find opportunities in computer software, mobile communications, networks and information systems. Possible topics for classroom instruction may address these areas of study as well as problem solving, critical thinking, communication and teamwork.

The ITT Technical Institutes are a leading provider of technology education in the United States. All ITT Technical Institutes offer information technology-related programs of study in the School of Information Technology.

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"My experience at ITT TECH, it was great. It's not just bookwork; it's hands on, which is exactly the way I learn."
- Paul Groves, 2010
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