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If a prospective student is inquiring about an information technology college, he or she is most likely aware of the importance that information technology plays in society today. In this technology-driven society, communication and computing technology have become integral parts of the workplace and everyday lives. Obtaining education from an information technology college may help students prepare for careers in this fast-paced area.

Information technology spans a broad spectrum of fields. Software, mobile communications, networks and information systems are some of the areas of interest for people looking to pursue an information technology career. Information Technology degree programs may have courses in some of these subjects, while also encouraging the development of problem solving, critical thinking, communication and teamwork skills.

While some information technology programs are taught in a hands-on laboratory environment, online information technology programs may be an option when traditional classroom learning is not available or convenient for the student.

ITT Technical Institute is an educational institution where students may obtain an associate or bachelor degree in a variety of information technology programs through the School of Information Technology. The School of Information Technology at ITT Tech focuses on helping students develop skills and knowledge to pursue entry-level careers in technical fields.

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Jered Kuhfahl
Information Technology - Computer Network Systems
Associate of Applied Science

Graduated 2011
Omaha, NE

Meet Jered

"My education at ITT TECH prepared me for my career field. I get to go in and do a job that I love doing."
- Wesley Berry, 2011
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