Programs for Students Interested in Communication Engineering

Prospective students who are interested in pursuing electronics and communcation engineering technology programs of study may enjoy problem solving, be detail-oriented, like a combination of theory and a hands-on application, and enjoy working on a team. Electronics and communication engineering technology careers involve technical skills that may be used to help develop, install, test and maintain communications systems.

Possible subjects of study for electronics and communication engineering technology programs of study may include topics related to wired and wireless communication. Possible career options may include the following fields: telecommunications, transportation, computers, and research and development.

The ITT Technical Institutes are a leading provider of technology education in the United States. Some ITT Technical Institutes offer electronics and communication engineering technology programs of study in the School of Electronics Technology.

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Paul Groves
Computer Drafting and Design
Associate of Applied Science

Graduated 2010
Lexington, KY

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"Definitely when I have been working on a puzzle and finally I figure out the answer, that has just got to be the greatest feeling."
- Jeff Light, 2010
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