Degrees In Graphic Design

Prospective students interested in the Graphic Design program may enjoy planning, analyzing and creating visual solutions to communications problems utilizing both print and electronic media. A degree in graphic design may open up opportunities in a variety companies and industries, including the desktop publishing and printing fields, website design, multimedia companies, interactive design firms, the entertainment industry, software development companies, advertising agencies, and corporate communications departments, among others.

The ITT Technical Institutes are leading providers of technology. Graduates of the Graphic Communications and Design program may pursue career opportunities in entry-level positions in traditional print and publishing areas, as well as in interactive design fields.

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ITT Technical Institute offers degrees in the field of Graphic Design at some locations, teaching the skills and knowledge to help graduates communicate ideas and concepts through print and electronic media. The program emphasizes creativity, visualization and critical thinking to help graduates generate technologically appropriate, functional and aesthetically pleasing graphic design. Instruction in design theory, desktop publishing, graphic design tools and media production is included. This program also includes hands-on applications using equipment and software.

Degree Program:

Graphic Communications and Design

Degree Level:


Program Objective:

To teach skills that can help graduates become members of teams that design and produce traditional or electronic media for communication.

Meet a Graduate

Jared Mixon
Computer Drafting and Design
Associate of Science

Graduated 2011
Lake Mary, FL

Meet Jared

"I'm very passionate about the work I do. I love every minute of it."
- Brock Oelze, 2009
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