Criminal Justice Schools offering Criminal Justice Degrees

Prospective students who are interested in criminal justice schools may have an interest in criminal justice, as it pertains to the laws that govern crime; such as controlling, minimizing, and eliminating its existence.

Criminal justice schools may offer courses in subjects such as in criminal law, legal procedures, criminal evidence and criminology. Areas of study may include law enforcement, the courts and corrections. Criminal justice schools may offer educational programs of study for prospective students who are looking to begin careers in entry-level positions involving corrections and the courts.

Some ITT Technical Institutes, leading providers of technology education in the United States, offer associate and/or bachelor degree programs in Criminal Justice* in the School of Criminal Justice.

*This program of study may not qualify a graduate for a career in law enforcement as a police officer or agent by many federal, state, county local or municipal authorities. An applicant must contact the applicable governmental authority prior to beginning the program of study at the ITT Technical Institute to determine if there are any specific requirements and/or qualifications that a candidate must satisfy to be eligible for employment as a police officer or agent by that authority.

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