Construction Managers Focus on Education

The construction industry is an evolving landscape. A construction manager can play a vital role in the construction process through monitoring and directing the process through completion.

With the increasing complexity of the construction process, it is important for people pursuing careers in construction management have an education that focuses on many of the important aspects of the field. Since a typical construction manager may be self-employed, being aware of the legal issues that can be encountered can also be important.

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Degree programs in Construction Management are offered at some of the ITT Technical Institutes at many of their campus locations through the School of Drafting and Design. ITT Tech also offers an online degree program in Construction Management which may be more convenient for some students. Courses for Construction Management include topics such as project management, building codes, and cost estimating.

Degree Program:

Construction Management

Degree Level:


Program Objective:

The Construction Management degree program teaches the skills and knowledge that can be used in entry-level jobs that involve the planning and managing of construction projects.

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Jared Mixon
Computer Drafting and Design
Associate of Science

Graduated 2011
Lake Mary, FL

Meet Jared

"I wouldn't have seen myself in this position without the opportunities I gained at ITT TECH."
- Jared Mixon, 2011
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