School of Criminal Justice
School of Criminal Justice

Paralegal: Associate of Science Degree
Sylmar, CA Campus

Course Descriptions

CO2520 Communications | A 4.5 credit hour Humanities course

The course focuses on the history, principles and techniques of interpersonal, organizational and mass communications, and on communicating using written, verbal and visual formats. Prerequisites: Completion of a minimum of 54 credits earned in the program of study including EN1320 Composition I or equivalent

EN1320 Composition I | A 4.5 credit hour Composition course

This course examines phases of the writing process, with emphasis on the structure of writing and techniques for communicating clearly, precisely and persuasively. Prerequisite: GS1145 Strategies for the Technical Professional or equivalent

EN1420 Composition II | A 4.5 credit hour Composition course

This course builds on the foundations of Composition I with additional emphasis in rhetorical structures, argumentation, and research. Presenting strong arguments using visual and oral communication techniques is also included. Prerequisite: EN1320 Composition I or equivalent

GS1140 Problem Solving Theory | 4.5 credit hours

This course introduces students to fundamental principles, strategies and methods of problem solving theory.

GS1145 Strategies for the Technical Professional | 4.5 credit hours

This course reviews characteristic and trends of the global information society including basic information processing, Internet research, other skills used by the technical professionals and techniques that can be used for independent technical learning.

GS2745 Advanced Strategies for the Technical Professional | 3.0 credit hours

This course focuses on skills, characteristics and attitudes that contribute to professional life. Topics include personal integrity, business communication skills, teamwork and conflict resolution, financial literacy, professional work habits, networking and social media, and lifelong learning. Prerequisites: Completion of a minimum of 65 credits earned in the program of study; Prerequisite or Corequisite: CO2520 Communications or equivalent

LE1430 Fundamentals of Criminal Law | 4.5 credit hours

4.5 credits hours

LE2630 Fundamentals of Constitutional Law | 4.5 credit hours

MA1210 College Mathematics I | A 4.5 credit hour Mathematics course

This course focuses on fundamental mathematical concepts including quadratic, polynomial and radical equations, linear functions and their graphs, systems of linear equations, functions and their properties and matrices. Activities will include solving problems and using appropriate technological tools. Prerequisite: GS1140 Problem Solving Theory or equivalent

PL1110 Introduction to Paralegal | 4.5 credit hours

This course provides an overview of the paralegal''s role in the legal services industry, including an introduction to client interaction, case preparation, legal research, courtroom assistance and related ethical considerations. The structure of the American legal system and its processes are examined.

PL1240 Research and Writing for the Paralegal I | 4.5 credit hours

PL1250 Law Office Technology | 4.5 credit hours

PL1310 Introduction to Civil Litigation | 4.5 credit hours

PL1340 Research and Writing for the Paralegal II | 4.5 credit hours

PL1410 Fundamentals of Tort Law | 4.5 credit hours

PL2520 Fundamentals of Family Law | 4.5 credit hours

PL2525 Fundamentals of Contract Law | 4.5 credit hours

PL2799 Paralegal Capstone Project | 4.5 credit hours

PS1350 American Government | A 4.5 credit hour Social Science course

This course examines principles and theory related to the United States federal government, including the development and foundations of the U.S. Constitution, the organization and function of the federal government including the legislative, executive and judicial branches, political parties, the electoral process, and the relationship between states and the federal government. Prerequisite: EN1320 Composition I or equivalent

SC1130 Survey of the Sciences | A 4.5 credit hour Science course

This survey course is designed to familiarize the student with the methods of rational inquiry and problem solving in the sciences. Students will explore a selection of topics in the scientific fields including physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy and earth science, to develop basic scientific literacy and the ability to critically analyze issues of science. This course includes a laboratory component.

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