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Course Descriptions

GE117 Composition I | A 4 credit hour Composition course

This course covers phases of the writing process, with special emphasis on the structure of writing and techniques for writing clearly, precisely and persuasively. Prerequisite or Corequisite: TB133 Strategies for the Technical Professional or equivalent

GE127 College Mathematics I | A 4 credit hour Mathematics course

This course will include, but is not limited to, the following concepts: quadratic, polynomial and radical equations, linear functions and their graphs, systems of linear equations, functions and their properties and triangles and trigonometric functions. Activities will include solving problems and using appropriate technological tools. Prerequisite: GE184 Problem Solving or TB184 Problem Solving or GE150 Survey of the Sciences or equivalent; Prerequisite or Corequisite: TB133 Strategies for the Technical Professional or equivalent

GE217 Composition II | A 4 credit hour Humanities course

This course focuses on appropriate rhetoric structures and styles for analytical and argumentative writing. Emphasis is placed on critical thinking, reading skills and elements of research in the information age. Prerequisite: GE117 Composition I or equivalent

GE265 Ethics in Society | A 4 credit hour Humanities course

This course provides a practical framework and a personal method for ethical thinking and decision-making on issues in contemporary society. Students will analyze some of the major ethical dilemmas of the modern world. Prerequisite: GE217 Composition II or equivalent

GE273 Microeconomics | A 4 credit hour Social Science course

This course introduces the economic way of thinking as it provides the basic principles of microeconomics. It is the study of choices made by households, firms, and government and how these choices impact the market economy. Prerequisites: GE117 Composition I or equivalent, GE127 College Mathematics I or equivalent

GE364 Art Appreciation | A 4 credit hour Humanities course

This course is a basic introduction to visual art, focusing primarily on drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture and architecture. Students will examine well-known works of art through the study of content, technique, form and purpose.

TB139A Strategies for Learning in a Technical Environment | 4 credit hours

The course reviews characteristics and trends of the global information society and including basic information processing, Internet research, other skills used by the technical professional and techniques that can be used for independent technical learning.

TB141 Introduction to Productivity Software | 4 credit hours

The course covers the fundamentals of productivity software. Emphasis is placed on word processing, spreadsheets, file management, and presentations as well as integration of productivity software.

TB332 Professional Procedures and Portfolio Development | 4 credit hours

Students are required to plan and compile their projects in the form of a portfolio. Instruction on interviewing procedures and writing business communications is also included in this course. Prerequisite: Students must have completed 72 quarter credit hours prior to taking this course

WD100 Introduction to Web Technology | 4 credit hours

This course provides a brief review of the World Wide Web as a major application platform on the Internet, and its impact on society, the economy, and the future. Topics include how computers communicate across the Internet, human factors and user experience, and what encompasses quality Web site design.

WD106 Introduction to Programming | 4 credit hours

This course introduces logical functions and processes of computer programming. Basic computer programming, logic, syntax, coding convention and procedures will be discussed relevant to the given programming language environment. Prerequisite: WD100 Introduction to Web Technology

WD110 Introduction to Design | 4 credit hours

The fundamental principles of design and color are presented in this course through creative problem solving exercises. Elements of two dimensional form, Gestalt principles, the working relationship between perceptual design principles and communication concepts in the graphic design context will be examined. Prerequisite: WD100 Introduction to Web Technology

WD120 Basic Web Scripting | 4 credit hours

This course introduces basic technologies in Web scripting. Project assignments include the development of simple Web pages and sites using the technologies introduced in the course. Prerequisite: WD106 Introduction to Programming

WD125 Digital Typography | 4 credit hours

This course focuses on principles of typography and their application in a Web design context. Instructional areas include technical specifications, aesthetics, functionality and meaning in typographic design. Prerequisite: WD110 Introduction to Design

WD130 Digital Image Manipulation | 4 credit hours

This course focuses on image manipulation by processing existing images to create new and unique compositions in a digital framework. Prerequisite: WD125 Digital Typography

WD131 Introduction to Business and information Systems | 4 credit hours

This foundational course integrates fundamentals of information systems and technology with an overview of business operation and management. The importance of information systems and its relationship to business operations from an end-user perspective is also addressed in this course.

WD210 Introduction to JavaScript | 4 credit hours

This course introduces the fundamentals of client-side programming using JavaScript. Emphasis will be placed on the creation of Web pages or components utilizing skills presented in this course. Prerequisite: WD120 Basic Web Scripting

WD220 Animation and Storyboarding for the Web | 4 credit hours

This course provides an introduction to animation and storyboarding techniques. Students will explore the technological and artistic skills required to storyboard and develop computer animation using current animation software. Prerequisite: WD130 Digital Image Manipulation

WD230 Audio and Video for the Web | 4 credit hours

This course is designed to familiarize students with the technologies associated with bringing video and audio to the Internet environment. Topics include media selection, software tools for encoding and decoding various media, delivery system attributes and limitations, associated file types, audio and video codes and software players. Prerequisite: WD220 Animation and Storyboarding for the Web

WD232 Database Applications | 4 credit hours

This course presents concepts and principles of database development and administration in relation to business applications. Focus is on data mining and analysis for business operations, and database development processes and administration. Prerequisite: WD131 Introduction to Business and Information Systems

WD233 Data Networks | 4 credit hours

This course addresses the role of data interchange and internetworking technologies. Blending technical and managerial concepts, this course offers an overview of the impact of data communication and networks in businesses and applications. Prerequisite: WD232 Database Applications

WD240 Interface Design and Functional Web Pages | 4 credit hours

This course provides a foundation for designing functional Web pages and applications utilizing proper interface design techniques. Topics include the techniques used in designing interactive functions involved in typical e-commerce and e-learning applications, human factors and accessible Web pages. Prerequisite: WD210 Introduction to JavaScript

WD250 Interactive Web Design | 4 credit hours

This course will explore the process of planning, designing and building a professional Web site. Topics will include pre-production planning, working with a client, creating detailed site maps, design plans, reports, schedules and Web site creation. Prerequisites: WD230 Audio and Video for the Web, WD240 Interface Design and Functional Web Pages

WD260 Web Design Project | 4 credit hours

The Web Design Project course provides an independent learning experience directed towards the completion of a professional Web site from start to finish. Projects will require prior approval by the instructor. Prerequisites: Completion of a minimum of 80 credits earned in the program of study including WD250 Interactive Web Design or equivalent

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