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School of Information Technology

Information Technology - Software Applications and Programming: Associate in Occupational Studies Degree
Getzville, NY Campus

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Information technology (IT) is a diverse area of study encompassing several computer-based system and application areas. The advancement of computers and communication technology continues to have profound impact on our lives. A need exists for technically competent individuals to provide appropriate computing solutions for users. The objective of the IT program is to provide a broad-based foundation in the area of IT and a concentration in software applications and programming.

In addition to technical knowledge, it is important for IT workers to be able to communicate, handle multi-tasking situations and to assess user needs when developing computer-based solutions.

The Information Technology - Software Applications and Programming program can help graduates prepare to perform tasks associated with developing and modifying software applications. Additional curriculum topics, investigated through classroom and laboratory experiences, include programming languages and algorithms, database development and applications and other related technical subjects. Information Technology - Software Applications and Programming consists of a foundation core of computing and general education courses, followed by studies in programming applications.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of this program may begin their careers in Information Technology - Software Applications and Programming in a variety of entry-level positions in various fields involving information technology - software applications and programming, such as database programmer, junior programmer, software support technician and software tester.

Graduates who have difficulty distinguishing colors may not be able to perform the essential functions of various positions involving information technology.

Admission Requirements

Refer to the Admission section of this catalog for information relating to Admission Requirements and Procedures for this program.

School Equipment

Students will have the opportunity to use the following school equipment as required throughout the program: computer systems, network hubs, patch panels, printers and other common computer peripherals.

Class Size

Classes generally range in size from 15 to 40 students. Depending on the course subject matter, certain classes may contain a greater or lesser number of students.

Program Outline

To view a list of the course descriptions, please click here.

Course Number Course Credit Hours  
Total 96
General Education Courses
GE117 Composition I 4
GE127 College Mathematics I 4
GE184 Problem Solving 4
GE192 College Mathematics II 4
GE217 Composition II 4
GE273 Microeconomics 4
GE347 Group Dynamics 4
Subtotal 28
Core Courses
IT104 Introduction to Computer Programming 4
IT106 Programming in C++ I 4
IT109 Microsoft Desktop Operating System 4
IT116 Intermediate Programming 4
IT203 Database Development 4
IT204 Scripting and Web Authoring I 4
IT217 Programming in C++ II 4
IT218 Programming in JAVA I 4
IT219 Programming in JAVA II 4
IT250 Linux Operating System 4
IT305 College Mathematics III 4
IT306 Software Application Programming 4
IT308 Software Development Capstone Project 4
IT327 Data Structures 4
Subtotal 56
Technical Basic Courses
TB133 Strategies for the Technical Professional 4
TB143 Introduction to Personal Computers 4
TB332 Professional Procedures and Portfolio Development 4
Subtotal 12

NOTE: The course descriptions for the courses in this program are in the Course Descriptions section of this catalog. The school may, at any time in its discretion, vary the offering and/or sequence of courses in this program, revise the curriculum content of the program or any course in the program and change the number of credit hours in the program or in any program course.

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