School of Criminal Justice
School of Criminal Justice

Paralegal: A 7-Quarter Associate of Applied Science Degree Program
Webster, TX Campus

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This program exposes students to fundamental skills utilized in a variety of entry-level paralegal and legal assistant positions and offers a foundation to help students develop knowledge and skills. The program introduces the fundamentals of ethics, legal research and writing, law office technology and specific areas of the law, such as criminal law, family law, wills, trusts and estates, and litigation, among others. Students are exposed to teamwork concepts, technology and multiple approaches to problem solving.

Career Opportunities

This program offers graduates an opportunity to develop knowledge and skills that can help them pursue careers in a variety of entry-level paralegal and legal assistant positions.

Admission Requirements

Refer to the Admission section of this catalog for information relating to the Admission Requirements and Procedures for this program.

School Equipment

Students will have the opportunity to use the following school equipment as required throughout the program: computer systems, network hubs, patch panels, printers and other common computer peripherals.

Class Size

Classes generally range in size from 20 to 40 students. Depending on the course subject matter, certain classes may contain a greater or lesser number of students.

Program Outline

To view a list of the course descriptions, please click here.

Course Number Course Quarter
Credit Hours
Units of
Course Time
of Classes
Program Total Credit Hours 93.0
Scheduled Units of Course Time of Classes in the Program 1224
General Education Courses
CO2520T Communications 4.5 54
EN1320T Composition I 4.5 67
EN1420T Composition II 4.5 54
MA1210T College Mathematics I 4.5 54
PS1350T American Government 4.5 54
SC1130T Survey of the Sciences 4.5 67
Subtotal 27.0 350
Core Courses
LE1430T Fundamentals of Criminal Law 4.5 54
LE2630T Fundamentals of Constitutional Law 4.5 54
PL1110T Introduction to Paralegal 4.5 54
PL1240T Research and Writing for the Paralegal I 4.5 67
PL1250T Law Office Technology 4.5 67
PL1310T Introduction to Civil Litigation 4.5 54
PL1340T Research and Writing for the Paralegal II 4.5 67
PL1410T Fundamentals of Tort Law 4.5 54
PL2520T Fundamentals of Family Law 4.5 54
PL2525T Fundamentals of Contract Law 4.5 54
PL2799T Paralegal Capstone Project 4.5 72
Subtotal 49.5 651
Elective Core Courses
Unspecified Elective Core course* 4.5 54
General Studies Courses
GS1140T Problem Solving Theory 4.5 54
GS1145T Strategies for the Technical Professional 4.5 67
GS2745T Advanced Strategies for the Technical Professional 3.0 48
Subtotal 12.0 169

*Courses offered at this school that satisfy the Unspecified Elective Core course requirement are BU2760T, PL2610T and PL2615T. The course descriptions for these courses are in the Course Descriptions section of the catalog.

NOTE: The course descriptions for the courses in this program are in the Course Descriptions section of this catalog. The school may, at any time in its discretion, vary the offering and/or sequence of courses in this program, revise the curriculum content of the program or any course in the program and change the number of credit hours in the program or in any program course.

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