Breckinridge School of Nursing and Health Sciences
Breckinridge School of Nursing and Health Sciences

Nursing: A 9-Quarter Associate of Applied Science Degree Program
Richardson, TX Campus

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The objective of the Nursing program is to help graduates prepare to become licensed Registered Nurses (RNs) after successful completion of the NCLEX-RN (National Council Licensure Examination). The program combines theory and clinical components in addressing the concepts of professional nursing roles: caregiver, advocate, educator, communicator and manager.

Areas of study include nursing values and roles, fundamental nursing concepts and techniques, adult health nursing, gerontological nursing, mental health nursing, maternal child nursing, critical care nursing and pharmacology, with nutrition and dosage calculation integrated throughout the program.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of this program are eligible to apply for the NCLEX exam for licensure as a Registered Nurse. Graduates may pursue careers as Registered Nurses, caring for patients across the life span in a variety of health care areas ranging from intensive care nursing to community based settings.

Admission Requirements

Refer to the Admission section of the catalog for information relating to admission requirements and procedures for this program.

School Equipment

Students will have the opportunity to use the nursing lab to develop nursing care skills, as well as school equipment such as networked computer systems and other common computer peripherals. Refer to Student Equipment in the Online Course Information section of this catalog for information relating the student equipment requirements for the distance education courses that are taught online over the Internet.

Class Size

Classes generally range in size from 15-30 students. Depending on the course subject matter, certain classes may contain a greater or lesser number of students.

Program Outline

To view a list of the course descriptions, please click here.

Course Number Course Quarter
Credit Hours
Units of
Course Time
of Classes
Program Total 106 1937
General Education Courses
AP2530T Human Anatomy and PhysiologyI 4.5 67
AP2630T Human Anatomy and PhysiologyII 4.5 67
EN1320T Composition I 4.5 67
EN1420T Composition II 4.5 54
MA1210T College Mathematics I 4.5 54
PY3150T Psychology 4.5 54
SC2730T Microbiology 4.5 67
SO2550T Sociology 4.5 54
Subtotal 36.0 484
Core Courses
NU1210T Nursing Roles I 2.0 24
NU1220T Medical Terminology/Dosage Calculations 1.0 12
NU1320T Clinical Nursing Concepts and Techniques I 4.5 90
NU1420T Clinical Nursing Concepts and Techniques II 7.0 156
NU1425T Pharmacology 5.0 60
NU2530T Adult Nursing I* 8.0 192
NU2630T Adult Nursing II* 8.0 192
NU2740T Mental Health Nursing* 5.0 108
NU2745T Gerontologic Nursing* 5.0 108
NU2810T Nursing Roles II* 2.0 24
NU2840T Maternal Child Nursing* 8.0 168
NU2999T Nursing Capstone 10.0 252
Subtotal 65.5 1386
Technical Basic Courses
GS1145T Strategies for the Technical Professional+ 4.5 67

* This course includes a clinical component that must be sucessfully completed by the student at one or more medical care facilities that are assigned to the student by the school.

NOTE: The course descriptions for the courses in this program are in the Course Descriptions section of this catalog. The school may, at any time in its discretion, vary the offering and/or sequence of courses in this program, revise the curriculum content of the program or any course in the program and change the number of credit hours in the program or in any program course.

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