Campus Calendar
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Campus Calendar

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Student Calendar
  2015 2016* 2017*
New Year's Day** January 1 January 1 January 1
Classes Resume After Winter Break January 5 January 4 January 2
Presidents' Day** February 16 February 15 February 20
Winter Quarter Ends March 15 March 13 March 12
Spring Quarter Begins March 16 March 14 March 13
Memorial Day** May 25 May 30 May 29
Spring Quarter Ends June 7 June 5 June 4
Summer Break** June 8 June 6 June 5
Summer Quarter Begins June 15 June 13 June 12
Independence Day** July 3 - 4 July 4 July 4
Summer Quarter Ends September 6 September 4 September 3
Fall Break** September 7 1 September 5 1 September 4 1
Labor Day** September 7 September 5 September 4
Fall Quarter Begins September 14 September 12 September 11
Thanksgiving** November 26 November 24 November 23
Fall Quarter Ends December 6 December 4 December 3
Winter Quarter Begins December 7 December 5 December 4
Winter Break** December 21 December 19 December 25

*Tentative Dates

**No classes

1 Onsite resident classes will begin next business day; however, resident students' online courses are accessible on the holiday.

The school may at any time change or modify the Student Calendar to the extent the school determines necessary, in its discretion, by reason of any: (a) act of God, including, without limitation, any natural disaster or inclement weather; (b) fire; (c) riot; (d) local, state or national emergency; (e) business necessity; (f) war; (g) act of terrorism; (h) civil insurrection; (i) strike or other labor difficulty; (j) rule, order, regulation and/or law of any governmental entity; and/or (k) school-sponsored activity. The school will promptly notify the student body as soon as practical following any determination by the school to change or modify the Student Calendar. If the school exercises any of its rights to change or modify the Student Calendar, the student’s Enrollment Agreement with the school will remain in full force and effect, and the student will not be relieved of any of his or her obligations thereunder.